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Salt Water Chlorinator

Salt Water Chlorinator - Swimming Pool


Salt water chlorinators (also known as chlorine generators) reduce maintenance and make owning a swimming pool or spa so much more enjoyable. No need to handle smelly, toxic chlorine anymore; have your pool or spa automatically produce pure, clean, soft water.

In the simplest form, chlorinators operate by converting dissolved salt (the salt is the same type of salt you would use at the dinner table) in the pool or spa water into chlorine by a means called electrolysis. The process is also known as a self-generating process as sodium is produced as a by-product of the electrolysis process. The free sodium then combines with any unused chlorine particles converting it back into natural salt (sodium chloride). This eliminates the need to constantly add salt to the water. 

Apart from your pool or spa looking great all the time, other benefits of a salt water chlorinator include;

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  • No need to handle chlorine tablets or liquid and manually dosing your pool or spa
  • No more chlorine smell and taste
  • No more irritations normally caused by chlorine - salt is more comfortable than chlorine and it is at very low levels
  • Salt water pools (and spas) are cheaper to maintain as salt is less expensive than chlorine
  • Chlorinators are electronically controlled meaning your water quality will be consistent 
  • Most chlorinators now come with a self-cleaning function so there's no longer a need to remove the cell and clean off the calcium build-up, thus reducing maintenance even further
  • Many units will have a control unit displaying current status of operation


Salt water chlorinators for swimming pools are normally fitted in line with existing pump and pipework, just after the output from the filter. Most pool chlorinators will come with a control unit equipped with an electronic timer to control the timing of the pump and chlorinator operation which will work together. 

Chlorinators for spas however are normally draped over the side of the spa or hot tub and are very portable. This means there is little to no installation requirements and can be removed when the spa is in use. 

Australians have been using pool chlorinators for many years now and they are in over 90% of pool applications. Their popularity in the U.S. is increasing very quickly. 

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