The Circupool SJ-40 is designed to deliver ultimate reliability and simplicity for your swimming pool. This complete salt water pool system is designed for pools with up to 40,000 gallons water capacity.

The Circupool SJ series delivers maximum reliability and value whilst being an affordable, economical salt system. These are a great product and an affordable solution to keep your swimming pool crystal clear without the use of chemicals.

This chlorinator is manufactured in the US and installation is simple and can be done DIY if you’re handy enough. The SJ series can operate on 110 or 220 volts which is easily switchable during installation. As default, the unit will ship with 220v switched on, however the instructions cover how to change it to 110v.

“Manufactured in the US”

The electrolytic cell is made out of “high-output” titanium and housed in clear material to allow perfect visibility of the chlorine production and inspection of the plates. The Circupool SJ-40 is constructed from heavy duty materials for durability and extended lifetime.

The unit is designed to automatically keep your pool crystal clear, producing salt pool water that is gentle to eyes, skin and hair all year round. Any need for chlorine is eliminated.

The SJ series can replace either a Pentair IntelliChlor system or a Hayward Aqua Rite system using an adapter kit with no cutting or plumbing needed.

This SJ series salt system has a lifespan of 10,500 hours.

The Circupool SJ series comes with a 5 year limited warranty and has a clear cell to allow for instant inspection on the status of the salt cell.


Like most modern chlorinators, the SJ-40 features self cleaning functionality which is achieved by reverse polarity.

As mentioned, the Circupool SJ Series feature a clear cell housing which allows you to very easily and quickly inspect the condition of salt cell and the cell plates.

The SJ salt cell does not require the use of acid when cleaning any mineral deposit build-up. The system ships with a cleaning wand which is used for removing mineral deposits.


Daily operation of the unit is automatic and comes with a simple, user-friendly control unit. The control unit isn’t fitted out with loads of unnecessary buttons, dials and lights.

The control unit is an attractive blue-colored console featuring a range of LED indicators and a touch operated keypad. The LED indicators provide a an overview of the system status at a glance, including indicating if the pool needs more salt in it. The keypad allows functions such as operating the chlorine output and activating the boost mode (super chlorinate).

For ease of operation, it is recommended that the control unit be wall mounted or equally effective, mounted on a post. It’s all dependant on your installation situation. It is also recommended that the control unit be mounted in a space that is easily accessible. This will allow you to make use of the LED indicator display and easily determine the current operational status of the unit.

You’ll need to connect this unit with your pump unit so that it makes use of the pump timer. It doesn’t have it’s own timer so it needs to run off the pump’s timer which isn’t an issue as the chlorinator can only work when the pump is running anyway.

The product features a boost function for super-chlorinating which the manufacturer calls 125% True Boost Mode. (See our article on how to shock a salt water pool – click here).

Industry leading salt system with 1.6 lbs per day chlorine output.


Circupool SJ-40

The Circupool SJ40 chlorinator comes with a very respectable 5-year warranty and manufacturer Circupool will not penalize you for carrying out the installation yourself unlike other manufacturers who force you to use qualified installation technicians as a condition of their warranty.

Reviews on Amazon for this product are very positive – in fact finding a negative review is quite difficult. At time of writing, this product was the third best selling chlorinator on Amazon.

Product Features

(Model: Circupool SJ-40 Salt Chlorine Generator)

  • Easy installation, DIY does not affect warranty period
  • Circupool SJ Series carry a 5 Year Warranty
  • Industry leading heavy duty construction
  • User friendly, easy to use control unit with digital LED operation
  • Reverse Polarity Self Cleaning Salt Cell
  • Has a clear cell housing for easy inspection
  • Made in the United States
  • Designed for up to 40,000 gallons water capacity
  • 72 hours Boost Mode
  • 1.6 lbs/day Chlorine Output
  • Minimum salinity range is 3000+ ppm
  • Has a low salinity (low-salt) sensor and a water flow sensor