The Powerclean Salt Ultra 540 Chlorinator by CMP (formerly known as the SGS Breeze 540) has been designed for ease of use, low maintenance, reliability and lifespan. This unit can handle up to 40,000 gallons water capacity and will deliver clear, sparkling soft-feeling water all year round.

Read our walkthrough of the Powerclean Salt Ultra 540 to learn more about this system.


The Powerclean Salt Ultra has been developed as a low maintenance system and features a self-cleaning function. The unit will reverse polarity to the cells every 6 hours of operation which will reduce calcium build up on the plates. In addition, the plates are have been suitably spaced to allow for easy manual cleaning.

Both the reversing of polarity and manual cleaning features mean that cleaning the cell plates in an acid solution is not necessary which greatly enhances and increases the life span of the cell unit. Not having to use an acid cleaning solution also makes it safer for the owner.

The cell is housed in a clear plastic housing which gives great visibility of the cell plates allowing inspection of the cell at anytime. In seconds you can determine if there is any kind of build on the plates indicating if it needs a manual clean.

The specifically designed spacing of the cell plates reduces bridging from calcium deposit build-up and also allows for easy manual cleaning.


Powerclean Salt System Panel

Designed for simplistic, ease of use whilst maintaining high durability. The control unit itself is a simplistic unit, again designed for ease of use. It is not overwhelmed with an array of dials and buttons

Nor does it have unnecessary features and has been designed for the home owner meaning that there is no expectation that the owner is a chemist.

The options are to adjust the chlorine output levels. Clear and simple LED indicators give you a quick indication of current operating status.

This CMP Powerclean Ultra Salt System is one of the easiest to operate and one of the easiest to install units available on the market. It will deliver consistently chlorinated water and prevent over or under chlorination.

The unit is energy efficient and has been designed to tolerate varying levels and types of salt concentration in the water which extends the life of the cell. This is important because at times salt levels in the water may change due to heavy rainfalls and water evaporation. The quality of salt can change as well depending on where the salt is purchased from and the brand of salt purchased.

In the case of low salt, low temperature (less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15.6 degrees Celsius), or a dirty cell, the system will stop generating chlorine and the power light will flash to indicate one of these error conditions exist.

Although a little bit more expensive than some other salt water chlorinators, the extra investment is well worth it as this unit will last considerably longer (providing that the unit is operating under normal operating conditions) than it’s cheaper counterparts.


Boasting a respectable 3 year (100% warranty according to CMP) warranty, this commercial grade unit is set to provide years of trouble free operation and impressive water quality.

Product Summary

(Model: CMP Powerclean Salt Ultra 540)

  • Simple to use – no need to take a college degree to use it
  • Energy efficient unit won’t drain the bank account
  • Commercial grade quality provides a longer than average life expectancy
  • Auto cleaning with reverse polarity feature and appropriately spaced cell plates
  • Has a high tolerance to varying salt types and concentration prolonging cell life
  • Clear cell housing allows quick observation of cell condition
  • Designed for pools with up to 40,000 gallons