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Saltron Mini Product Review

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Salt water chlorine generators are slowly but very steadily gaining popularity. With all the pros over other pool sanitization techniques, it is not very difficult to see why people can’t get enough of these systems. One of the best chlorine generators on the market today is the Solaxx CLG20A Saltron Mini Drop-in Chlorine Generator. Below are some of its features and the reasons why it is such a good choice for small pools and spas.

Features Of The Solaxx Saltron Mini

Chlorination Mechanism

The Saltron Mini uses the saltwater conversion technique to generate chlorine. Water containing diluted salt is passed over a chlorine cell within the generator. Here, electric currents break down the sodium chloride salt into hydrogen and hypochlorous acid. The latter is what is responsible for the sanitization effect. Once the acid has done its job, it is converted back to its salt form and is reused by the system when it is turned on again.

How much water can it chlorinate?

The mini version of this Solaxx model is meant for use on small pools and spas or hot tobs. It can effectively chlorinate between 600 gallons and 2000 gallons of water. The Saltron Mini Chlorine Generator also requires that the water to at least have a salt concentration of 3000ppm for the system to work. This means that with something like the 2000 gallon pool, you would need at least 0.8 lbs. of salt.

System Control Panel and Display

The control panel consists of a small digital screen that shows you the amount of chlorination in terms of hours for each day. It also has LED lights that act as indicators for the salt level being detected in the water. Finally, it has several control buttons that allow you to turn it on or off and to program the timer. All of these make the entire system very easy to use.

Digital Timer

This turns the chlorine generator on or off at predetermined times. It makes the Solaxx Saltron Mini Chlorine Generator more or less automatic which makes it a lot more convenient for you as the pool or spa owner.

Scale Preventive Mechanism

When dealing with water and salt, scale formation is a major concern. The Saltron Mini overcomes this challenge through its scale prevention feature. This is at the point of the chlorine cell where reversal of cell polarity prevents the formation of scale.

Pros Of The Solaxx Saltron Mini Over Traditional Chlorination

1. It is easier and more convenient.

2. The salt is skin friendly with no irritation to the eyes either.

3. Use of salt eliminates the pungent smell of chlorine.

4. The conversion of hypochlorous acid back to salt for reuse makes the system cost-efficient.

Proper Use And Care Of The Solaxx Saltron Mini


The Saltron Mini has two main parts. The first part is the drop-in section that contains the salt cell. It is submerged into the pool or spa water. The direct contact eliminates the need for water pumps and special plumbing networks. The second part is the display and control part that is left outside for easy control of the system.


You can either choose to automate the process or do it manually. With automation, all you have to do is program the digital timer. This automatically turns on the system when needed and turns it off when the process is complete. If you choose to do things yourself, all you have to do is turn the generator on at the control and when the salt meter reads normal or low, you turn off the system.

Care and Maintenance

The scale prevention mechanism makes care and maintenance of this system very easy. However, you will have to regularly replace the chlorine cell to ensure efficient and optimum functionality.


The Solaxx Saltron Mini Chlorine Generator is without a doubt a great salt water chlorinator. So whether you are looking for a chlorinator for your small above ground pool or for your spa set-ups, Saltron Mini is a great option to consider.